As of 2014 we're evolving past the consumer app, Jini.


Personal Assistant, Life Logger & Companion (2012-2013)


Following a year of extensive testing and field trials, we are putting a stop to the big Jini experiment.
You can read the official announcement on the Argus Labs website.

It has been an extremely interesting run, that sort of adventure that would not be possible without your continued support and input. We want to thank you for putting the different versions of the app to the test, for telling your friends and colleagues about Jini and Argus Labs and for your numerous feedback.

Thank you for this great time,
the Jini team

What about my data?
There's no reason to worry. We won't pass on your personal data in any way. We’ve already cleared all data gathered by the early Jini versions, and if you’ve been a Jini Logger beta tester, we’ll mail you shortly to ask what you want us to do with your data. Yes, ‘just return it to me’ is an option.

What about the team?
Neither should you worry about the Argus Labs squad. We’re stronger and more focussed than ever. We even gained extra technology, behavioural science, finance , business operations and Ikea-desk assembly skills, as we’ve already added some great people to the team, and we are actively looking for more bright minds.